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Terms of service

This statement governs the terms of service between you, the user and myHealthE. By using myHealthE you agree to the following statement:


Your privacy is important to us, for this reason we have designed a privacy statement which will outline how we protect your privacy. We ask you to read this statement so that you can make an informed decision regarding creating your account.

Sharing of information

No one will see the information you provide beyond a CAMHS practitioner or Trust approved researcher.


Whilst myHealthE sits on a secure platform, and the chance of a data breach is very unlikely, we cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of myHealthE. As the user you will need to make sure your login in details are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. You will also need to be aware of your surroundings, and we advise you only login to your account when you are in a private space.`

Access to myHealthE

You as the parent(s) or responsible carer(s) of a child who is under 18 will be given access to the account created in your child's name and will be given control over the password setting/re-setting via an email that is registered to you. The parent(s) or responsible carer(s) will be the adult(s) who have legal responsibility for the child or in the case of looked after children (LAC), a long term foster carer.

Where the child's parents are separated by have joint custody, we would recommend that the parent with whom the child normally resides has access rights to the child account in order to ensure that information, such as problems tracking, can be added in a timely way to support the platforms purpose to enhance the care of the child.

Setting up your account

When setting up your account you must agree to the following information:

  1. that you will not provide false information when setting up your account;
  2. that you will keep all your information updated
  3. that you will not share your login details with anyone


If you violate the spirit of this agreement myHealthE can suspend or terminate your account. This decision will be sent to you via email or you will receive a notification the next time you try to enter your account.

If you decide at any point that you no longer want to receive emails and texts from myHealthE there is an opt out option in the myHealthE navigation toolbar which you can tick. Your myHealthE account will remain active for your personal use but you will no longer receive emails or text messages from the myHealthE team. Your account will be retained in case you would like to reactive it at a later date.

Termination or suspension of your myHealthE account will not directly result in you (or your child) being discharged from the care of the NDT and will not affect the level of care your child will receive. You will then be invited to complete SDQs in the standard way.

Other applications

myHealthE team does contain links to other application which are not owned or controlled by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. SLaM cannot take responsibility for the content or general practices of these applications.

Changes to Agreement

This agreement may be updated from time to time. In this event, myHealthE team will always notify you of the changes and ask for your ongoing consent.

By creating an account and accessing myHealthE team, I agree:

  • that creating a myHealthE team account is voluntary;
  • myHealthE a tool to be used in a crisis - the content is not monitored;
  • I will provide accurate information during registration;
  • I am responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of my log-in details;
  • I agree that information shared with myHealthE will be connected to my child's clinical health records