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What is myHealthE?

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), alongside partner NHS Trusts and local authorities, are changing to the way services gather health information about young people. Health and social services routinely ask families to provide information about their child’s symptoms using questionnaires called routine outcome measures. At present, services ask parents/caregivers to complete paper-based questionnaires on a regular basis over the course of assessment and treatment. These have mainly been sent via mail,  or handed to families whilst in the waiting room.

Due to Covid related restrictions, most services work cannot be conducted face to face, with many appointments happening remotely over the phone or via video conferencing. This has meant many service have needed to modernise their information gathering approaches to make it easier and safer for families to provide these details to their clinical teams.  Last year a team of NHS clinicians, researchers and software developers developed a new secure online digital portal called myHealthE (MHE). MHE works by identifying when families were due to fill out new outcome measures  and sent text and email reminders  to complete the questionnaire online. MHE was designed for use on a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

A small trial of MHE was conducted in SLaM.  Ninety eight caregivers were provided access to MHE and ninety eight continued on the usual paper based approaches. We found MHE provided questionnaire information back to CAMHS for over 70% compared to 8% using the traditional approaches. We also found MHE saved caregivers and clinicians a lot of administrative time, and was generally preferred as means to transfer information to the clinical teams.

From April 2021, SLaM and partnering NHS Trusts have begun a more comprehensive evaluation of MHE to see if accessing questionnaires online improves caregivers’ experience of completing routine outcome measures. If your NHS Trust or local authority has your mobile number or an email (these are often included in the referral letters) the administrator may enter you on the MHE system. From here  you will receive a secure link to register for MHE account online. Once you set up your MHE account, invitations to complete digital questionnaires will be sent electronically to your registered mobile number or email. If you don’t want to receive any messages you can opt out at any time – see below for more details on opting out.

Occasionally, the service may also ask you to complete questionnaires on paper. This is because MHE does not include all the questionnaire that some services like to use.  


Using myHealthE?

The MHE system automatically detects when you are due to complete a new online questionnaire and sends an email and text message reminder directing you to the myHealthE website.

You will be asked to set-up a personal account on myHealthE website with secure password

Passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a minimum of 10 characters
  • Must contain at least 2 lowercase letters
  • Must contain at least 2 uppercase letters
  • Must contain at least 2 numbers


Online questionnaires are completed by logging into your personal account in the myHealthE system using a unique ID number included in your email/text reminder and a password of your choosing.

When a new questionnaire is submitted, your responses will be sent directly to your healthcare provider and feedback report summarising your responses will be stored in your personal myHealthE account.

The website and online questionnaires can be accessed using any model of computer, laptop or mobile device as long as it is internet enabled.

You can also use the website to look back over your previous responses and summary scores to check your child's progress.

As we do in regular practice, you may also be asked if you are happy for MHE to contact your child’s school teacher or college tutor to ask them to complete a similar set of questions. Only once you provide explicit permission, will MHE send a request to school SENCO or relevant teacher. No details about your child, including your responses are shared with the school.

Are my responses confidential?

All information provided via the online questionnaires will be stored and protected on secure NHS servers and treated as confidential information in the same way all NHS healthcare records are managed.

For information about data security and privacy, please head to our privacy policy and terms of service on the bottom of the home page.


Opting out

It is completely up to you whether you want to use MHE. Whether you enrol in MHE or not, it will not affect the care your child receives. There are several options to opt out:

  • You can choose to ignore the MHE enrollment invitations, 
  • Your can let your service team administrator or allocated mental health worker know if you do not want to enrol.
  • You can email [email protected] ( we aim to respond within 2 working days)

If CAMHS do not have your mobile number or email address,  you will not receive an enrolment email and you will still receive paper copies of the questionnaires. without needing to take any action.


Further details

If you would like to read more about the team who developed myHealthE, please follow this link 

Further information on the MHE system is also available for clinical teams and teachers via the SLaM NHS trust website -

If you want to get in touch with the myHealthE team. Please email : [email protected]